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5 Captivating Outdoor Patio Ideas by Atlanta Pool Builders

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An outdoor patio is a crucial aspect of your pool-scape. An essential element that not only completes the look of your backyard but serves multiple purposes at the same time. Be it sunbathing, dining, tanning with friends or just poolside chilling, a patio is always there to accommodate. It should express your style and complement your house and pool. A skilled Atlanta Pool Builder knows this and honors your wishes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best patio ideas for your pool.

5 Thrilling Outdoor Patio Ideas by Atlanta Pool Builders:

Pool companies in Atlanta can make the dream work with everything pool design. A patio is a major part of that. It’s the entire look of your backyard so deciding what elements go together can be a tough job. Let us make that easy for you.

1.     Covered Patio:

A covered patio can be a great way to escape the hot weather and have a nice place to chill. Get creative with it and add big cushions and bean bags to convert it into the ultimate relaxing pit. May it be a cemented cabana covered with curtains or a wooden structure with summer shades on top, a covered patio looks stunning and fits in with the vibe.

If you are into a more open look, a garden oasis may be the right one for you.

2.     Garden Oasis:

You can really flex your creative muscles with a garden oasis. It involves less seating areas and more plantation, giving you a forest-like natural aesthetic. Get creative by adding a cave behind your waterfall that goes into the pool. Incorporate trees, rocks, and climbers to truly connect with nature’s ways.

3.     Sun Deck:

A sun deck can give your pool a touch of luxury with a hotel-like aesthetic that makes for a great place to lounge and relax. A cabana with chaise lounges and a basketball hoop attached to your pool for an active dive all complete the look of a sun deck. Hiring an experienced team like Sandals Luxury Pools can make the job ten times easier for you.

4.     Bistro Patio:

Want a unique patio but don’t have a lot of space to work with? A bistro patio is right up your alley. For pools that are not big, this setting can bring out a very eye-catching look you didn’t expect. A bistro patio includes 2 chairs and a table attached to the pool or separated by a path that leads you to it. It’s compact, fun, and gets the job done!

5.     Outdoor Room:

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, an outdoor room can fit your needs perfectly. You can bring your favorite lounging area from inside the house, outside. Deck it out with full size sofas and a firepit for the final touch. Whether it’s socializing with family and friends, or alone time for yourself, an outdoor room can provide you with a nice view of the pool in the background!With all the ideas we discussed today, we believe you can find your fix and are more than ready to start experimenting. Get some help from an Atlanta Pool Builder and you are good to go. Start exploring! You never know what you might come up with.

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