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How to get more traffic to your website with SEO!

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Many people wonder when they hear the acronym SEO. what is SEO and how it is an emerging marketing technique in the business world, especially for start-ups?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is one of the channels of digital marketing.  Digital marketing practice is beneficial to increase both the quality and quantity of businesses’ website traffic. It is necessary as it exposes your brands to searchers through organic search results.

Why do businesses need Marketing?

As in traditional marketing practices companies design and plan different marketing campaigns. They do so to spread awareness about their products or services via print media, Radio, Television, and billboards, etc. There is a saying in marketing that no matter how good your product or service is, you still have to go out and tell people about it. The question most of us arise here is that How SEO helps a business tell about its products or services?

Why businesses need digital marketing. How SEO helps businesses expose the customers to its products and services, let’s go through a brief discussion. A discussion of how SEO experts reach the target audience. How these experts answer all the queries of the audience by providing relevant information on search engines.

Keyword Research

SEO is more like understanding the mindsets of your audience as it is understanding the search engines themselves. If a business practices SEO and not only SEO but any other marketing technique whether it’s traditional marketing or digital marketing. One must understand what people are searching for on various digital forums.To find more information about importance of branding, you should try How to use Sales Estimator Tool for Amazon sales

Keyword research helps SEO experts understand the users and the nature of their search queries. Experts find out what searchers are looking for. What answers are they seeking and what kind of content do they prefer and consume most of the time. what kind of words do they use in search queries, and more. If an SEO expert can find the answers to all these questions it would not be a tough task to get connected with the audience.

When starting as a beginner one should try to create content for the users. It becomes a child’s play if we put ourselves in the audience’s shoes. This kind of visualization will help us create the content that suits the best for different queries of the searchers.


If knowing and understanding the audience’s purpose is one side of the coin then Content is like another side of the coin. The content must be relevant to the target queries. It must be delivered with relevance in order to make it visible to search engine crawlers and bring the best use out of it. Search engine crawlers capture the questions of the searchers and answer them by providing the most relevant content available on search engines. Content is the key to best SEO and that is why it is said to be the king. The right content at the right time in the right place.


Search Engines

Search Engines exist to answer the queries. SEO experts know that search engines scan billion of pieces of content to match the suitable answer for queries of the searchers. Receiving a query and answering it with relevant content while looking at the available content on the internet.

This content is in the form of PDFs, images, different blogs, articles, and videos, etc. The process of getting the queries of searchers and serving them by finding the relevant information is called Crawling and Indexing.

On-Page SEO

 We have read about what the targeted audience is searching for. How to provide related content in accordance with the search queries, and what should be the focus of our content are the tasks performed in on-page SEO. On-page SEO is not limited to only content creation and keyword research.

It goes beyond that such as web page creation to entertain certain queries, schemas, and Meta tags, etc. In on-page SEO our intent is to make sure that the content we have set up is not only for human beings. It is also accessible to robots or computers.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about Exposing different audiences to your content with the help of creating backlinks at various sites. These sites are free as well as paid available throughout the globe. In Off-Page SEO we list our websites at different other websites. external links or backlinks help us get our website seen on different websites. Off-page SEO is a digital marketing practice that needs passion and patience. It requires a lot of time to get your website ranked on SERPs.


There are multiple platforms for getting traffic from different digital channels. These channels can be social media marketing commonly called SMM, Email marketing, or referral marketing. Most businesses opt for SEM. According to a recent survey, only 2.8% of the audience clicks on a paid advertisement on different digital forums.

As in SEO, it is one of the marketing channels widely used and it is a result-driven marketing strategy. SEO does not derive instant results and sometimes it may take more than six months or maybe a year for SEO experts to rank a website by adapting White hat SEO techniques. When a website with any keyword is ranked and maintained in terms of quality and quantity it may create a greater value for a business.

Why SEO?

Role of SEO consultant/agency

Many large-scale businesses have their own digital marketing teams. Those teams manage all the digital marketing channels including SEO. But most of the large businesses, as well as small businesses and start-ups, choose to outsource this area of a business which has multiple benefits.

Businesses make decisions critically and logically. They look at the scenario by conducting a cost and benefit analysis. Most people hire a consultant or sign an agreement with digital marketing agencies. They do so to save monetary costs as well as other non-monetary costs.

It has become more than easy to hire an SEO expert or an agency for search engine optimization or search engine marketing.

Any digital marketing agency could be accessed online with just a click. And the services could be provided at a manageable cost. To access a digital marketing agency click here to discover more.

To learn more about Search engine optimization services, White Hat SEO, SEM, SMM keep visiting our website www.advanceeratech.com

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