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Gain Customer Trust Through Communication

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Business communication is crucial in gaining customer trust. Customer service does not have to be necessarily grandiose. For some customer service, they take calls short and accurate. But, that’s not an issue. What’s important is how the agent helped the customer solve their concerns.

Contact centers should personalize their customer service to give value to their customers. Backing up your customer service with their personal information delivers excellent results. However, customer service personalization is not only collecting data; it can go further as knowing how to pick up voice tone.

Communication through software is challenging, especially when non-verbal cues are invisible. Here is how you can gain customer trust:

Know Your Customer

Agents should know the background of the customers. It gives them an idea of how to approach and deal with them appropriately. Addressing them correctly shows courtesy. Moreover, knowing customers is not only about their data. It includes picking up their mood and tone whenever they contact customer service.

Some customers are hard to deal with; they call angry and throw a fit. In this case, agents should be empathetic and know how not to take things personally. When showing empathy, you can simply say, “I understand how you feel,” “I apologize you feel this way,” or “I am doing my best to help you,” these phrases soothes the customers.

Personalize Talk through Interaction History

Call center agents might think that knowing the customer’s purchase history beforehand streamlines their task. But, for customers, it shows that the company cares for them. Personalizing interaction and gaining a deeper understanding of the customers and their concerns gains their trust.

You can only do this if you have the right communication software to record and track customer history interaction. Let your customers feel valued.

Provide Multiple Customer Service Channels

It is best to provide several contact center for your customers. Let your customers reach you through social media, email, phone, or text. You can have reliable communication software that can handle several communication channels. 

Reliable communication software allows different departments have full access to the communication channels. It is essential that the agent know the situation and handle their interaction across all the channels she has reached out to.

Lead a Small Talk

Some find small talks useless. However, it helps build rapport with the customers if you do this right. You can ask how their day went or the weather before asking their concern; it creates a connection.

Actively Listen to Concerns

When a customer calls for a solution, it is crucial to practice active listening. Active listening allows you to grasp the customer’s full concern before providing a solution. It is important to respond to the message according to their needs. 

Listen to the entire situation presented by the customer before giving out the solution. Solving a problem effectively should be 80% active listening and 20% talking. Active listening is not a complicated process; you only have to paraphrase and summarize the customer concerns or ask questions to clear up any confusion. After listening to their concern, you can provide the best solution possible.

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