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Microsoft OneDrive – Universal Print Integration | Go Green

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Universal Print and Microsoft OneDrive integration rolls out

OneDrive on the web will be integrated with Universal Print from Microsoft starting this week. Universal Print was introduced by Microsoft earlier this year. If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft’s Universal Print (UP) service, it provides users with a next-generation print solution that organizations can use to manage their print infrastructure using Microsoft cloud services.

When used with compatible printers, Universal Print runs entirely in Microsoft Azure and does not require any on-premises infrastructure. Microsoft 365’s Universal Print is a subscription-based service that enables organizations to centralize print management through the Universal Print portal. Azure Active Directory is fully integrated with it, and single sign-on scenarios are supported.

Microsoft announces integration of Universal Print with OneDrive

The need to print documents remains a critical part of the workflow for many organizations, even as they try harder to go paperless. We introduced Universal Print earlier this year to help organizations simplify print management by moving it to the cloud. With Universal Print, administrators can move from on-premises print infrastructure to serverless printing infrastructure, reducing or eliminating the need for on-premises printing infrastructure.

Anyone with an internet connection can now access a printer in the cloud and securely print over Zero Trust Networks without a VPN connection needed to their organization’s network.

OneDrive integration with universal printing

Cloud printing is the first step to improving people’s print experiences.

Basically, before Universal Print, an admin or owner of a device must have installed a printer for them to be able to print documents. When you work in a large organization with multiple devices and multiple printers, the experience can range from inconvenient to unmanageable.

In addition, OneDrive on the web integration will allow people to print documents hosted in OneDrive directly to printers within their organization without having to install printers on their mobile devices.

Documents can be printed by selecting them and clicking Print. They are given a print dialog where they can select any printer in their organization that they have access to, regardless of whether that printer is installed on their device. In addition, users will have the same print experience across all browsers and devices.

People who want to print to a local printer installed on their device can select a local printer on the print dialog instead of printing to a cloud printer, which opens the browser’s print UI.

You can upload PDFs, XPS files, Word documents, Excel documents, and PowerPoint presentations. Support for more file types will continue to be added by Microsoft. Please let us know what file types are important to you at https://aka.ms/UPIideas.

Source: Microsoft website.

In addition to being compatible with all browsers across different operating systems and print device types, the new experience will be available later this week. Give it a try and let the Universal Print Tech Community know what you think.

A solution like this can indeed be recommended for helping the Green Planet!

The goal of Green IT is to come up with processes and methods that will reduce and eliminate printing. The use of digital signatures eliminates the need to print documents and sign. We also conserve paper as we don’t print documents and sign them.

What is the best way to create a paperless policy?

It is important to reduce the use of paper and printing as much as possible and move everything to the IT infrastructure. We may not be able to avoid printing in some cases or may have to comply with mandatory requirements. In other cases, we have already implemented systems, but employees still prefer printing.

Creating a policy that fines people for printing and using paper (when there is an alternative) would be another option, and the budget could then be used to improve the environment. We could ask them to buy a plant for every 10 printed papers and place it in the office for example.

In this way, we are reducing the use of paper, improving our environment, and becoming more eco-friendly.

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