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Private Adoption Process and Family Gatherings

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The adoption process is a very challenging time for new hopeful adoptees. Apart from the anxieties of attorney consultations, there is also a matter of family invasiveness. If you are a reserved person, shy, or naturally introvert, holidays and family gatherings will be a nightmare.

Extended families do not have a filter when it comes to interpersonal topics. They will openly ask, “Where are you now with the adoption?” without thinking twice. Many will even inquire about the timespan of trying for a kid or your fertility treatment. A grandma will revive her tradition of descriptive blessings for future kids within her lifetime.

There is no specific technique or trick to help you run away from such hand-me-down FAQs.  Before you are bombarded with questions of “what age do you prefer for kids for adoption in Georgia?” you have to be prepared. The following are the most likely comments you will hear during the holidays and how to prepare:

“Why are you Choosing this vs. that adoption attorney in Atlanta?”

The most popular question is always a comparison. People around you want you to choose carefully. They say it out of worry, but their pushiness will overshadow any concerns. To answer this question without offending anyone, you can say that you are still looking for one. If they insist on some other attorney or agency, you can politely tell them to give you time. Being honest without offending a family member is an art. You have to stress on wanting some space and time.

“Don’t You want your Own Kids?”

This is one of the most insensitive questions that you will hear. Your instant reaction might be defensive. The best way to go about it is by telling them that your adopted child will be your own child. You do not have to give explanations further unless you want you. This statement should suffice.

“Adopting a Child in Georgia is so Expensive.”

It is absurd to hear. Yes, but such comments exist in our society. You can prepare yourself for this question by viewing it as an objective question. Adoption is expensive. There is no denying it, but it is also worth it. Revisit the reasons why you wanted to adopt. It isn’t a burden to pay the expenses for a lifetime you foresee. Educate your relatives and peers if you have the emotional capacity to and if the others are willing to listen.

“You’re taking the Easy Way Out.”

This comment is so popular; you probably would have heard it on your scroll onto this page. It is never
“easy.” The best way to cope with such a comment is to brush past it. Think of how uneducated a person has to be about adopting a child in Georgia to say such a thing.

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