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Quickbooks Error 15106 – Resolve In Simple Steps

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Experiencing the QuickBooks Error 15106 while updating the software or payroll? Worry no more! The error 15106 indicates damage in the update program and causes users a heavy time constraint.

This informative post includes complete guidance regarding the trouble-causing QuickBooks 15106 error. From the causes behind this error to its proven fixation steps, we’ve addressed it all. So, let’s begin.

What Causes The QuickBooks Error Code 15106?

Users experience this error while utilizing the QuickBooks payroll update and face severe time disruption due to this error.

As a precaution, users must learn the reasons that cause the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 on the system. And they are:

  • Trying to update the QB software or payroll without admin rights.
  • Misconfiguration of Windows Defender or Antivirus.
  • Having an extremely high “UAC”.
  • Damaged QuickBooks Installation.
  • Having Connectivity Issues

Top 7 Fixes For QuickBooks 15106 Error

Upon discovering the causes behind QuickBooks Error 15106, let’s explore the 7 fixes that are effective in treating this error.

Furthermore, in order to completely rectify this error, it is highly suggested that users execute these steps in a consecutive manner.

Step 1: Applying Admin Rights

Prior to applying this step, ensure if you’re logged in the system as admin. Thereafter, launch your QuickBooks using admin rights for fixing the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 issue. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, tap “Start” on your PC.
  • Then type “Control Panel”.
  • Next, hit “Enter” and click “User Accounts”.
  • Thereafter, re-click the “User Accounts”.
  • Now, verify the account type for “Admin”.
  • Then, reach “Desktop” and look for the “QuickBooks.exe” icon.
  • Finally, click right on it then hit “Run as admin”.

Now, continue with updating your QuickBooks software or payroll and check for the error. Or else, follow next.

Step 2: Disable UAC 

UAC refers to user account control and in case it is configured as restrictive, it can lead to malfunctioning of QuickBooks and thus resulting in QB error 15106. Disable your UAC by:

  • Firstly, launch Run via holding “Win + R”.
  • Then, type “Control Panel”.
  • Thereafter, hit “Enter”.
  • Select “User Account Control”.
  • Thereafter, launch “UAC Settings”.
  • Finally, use the slider switch to “Never-Notify”.

Step 3: Disable Antivirus And Rename QuickBooks Update Folder

Due to malware or technical issues, the QuickBooks update folder often gets corrupt resulting in the QuickBooks error.

Renaming the update folder of QuickBooks usually rectify this issue. However, prior to that, disabling the antivirus is a must. Here’s how:

  • Start with holding “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to launch “Windows Task-Manager”.
  • Next, select “Processes” and choose your antivirus.
  • Thereafter, click “End-Task”.

By doing so, your antivirus is now successfully disabled. Now, proceed with renaming your QuickBooks Update folder. Here’s how:

  • Launch “My Computer”.
  • Visit “C: drive”.
  • Open the following folders, one by one:
  • First, “Program-Files”.
  • Then, “Intuit”.
  • Next, “QuickBooks (Year)”.
  • Now, “Components-Folder”.
  • Afterwards, right-click on “DownloadQB20 or 21” accordingly.
  • After that, click “Rename” and insert “old”.
  • Finally, launch QuickBooks software and examine the error.

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Step 4: Reset QuickBooks Updates

In case the QuickBooks updates are improper, it will lead to QuickBooks Update Error 15106 issue.

Therefore, reset the QB Updates and then execute a new update to fix this error. Here’s how:

  • Launch “QuickBooks.exe” from your system.
  • Then, visit “Help”.
  • Next, click “Update-QuickBooks”. 
  • Then, reach “Options” and tick “Mark All”.
  • Now, select “Save” and hit “Update-Now”.
  • Finally, “Reset-Update” and click “Get-Updates”.

Step 5: Execute QuickBooks Clean Installation Using Selective Startup 

An inadequate installation of QuickBooks causes malfunctioning of the software and results in QuickBooks update error.

Hence, perform a clean installation for your QuickBooks on selective startup. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, create a backup of your crucial data files.
  • Keep the Product/License key of your QB with you.
  • Thereafter, close any running applications.
  • Then, visit “Run” by pressing “Windows + R”.
  • Next, type “MSConfig” and select “Ok”.
  • Afterwards, select “General”.
  • Thereafter, choose “Selective-Startup”.  
  • Now, tap “Discover-Services” and “Hide MS-Services”.
  • Hit “Disable All”.
  • Then, click “Windows-Installer”.
  • Finally, “Restart” your system and perform a reinstallation of QuickBooks.

Note:  After reinstalling the QuickBooks Desktop, switch the system to normal mode by:

  • Hold “Win + R”.
  • Then, write “MSConfig” and press “Enter”.
  • Next, select “General” and “Normal-Startup”.
  • Finally, select “Ok” and restart the PC.

Now, after returning to “Normal-Startup”, users should now try updating their QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 will now be rectified.

Step 6: Windows Update

With the help of Windows update, users get bug fixes and the latest features and security. Users can install the Windows updates by following:

  • Start with accessing the “Run” dialog by pressing “Win + R”.
  • Thereafter, input “Control Panel” and continue with hitting “Ok”.
  • Next, on the control panel, move down and hit “Windows-Update”.
  • Now, select “Check-Updates” and install the detected updates.
  • Finally, conduct a restart and utilize your QuickBooks to verify the 15106 error.

Step 7: Access QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub was introduced by Intuit for the purpose of diagnosing and rectifying QB related errors.

The Tool Hub consists of multiple tools and one such tool is “QuickFix My Program” which is helpful for QuickBooks Update Error 15106 issue. Follow these:

  • Visit the Intuit’s Website.
  • Download “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Launch the setup and read its agreements.
  • Install the “Tool-Hub” and launch it.
  • Finally, visit “Program-Issues” and run “QuickFix My-Program”.

Now the QB Tool Hub will automatically fix the QuickBooks program and you’ll be able to utilize the QuickBooks update without experiencing the QuickBooks Error 15106.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this post will solve your queries regarding the QuickBooks Error 15106. The causes and fixes provided to you will help you prevent this error emergence in near future. 

Furthermore, the steps offered to you in solving the QuickBooks Error 15106 are approved by our experts’ team.

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