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Men Wedding Dress Trends of 2021

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Pakistan’s wedding fashion industry is quite big with high-end couture pieces by top designers being displayed in bridal couture week to affordable luxury pret everyone run towards the market to buy the most eyecatching designs for the festive season and plan way ahead of it. While women’s wedding dresses are the focal point and are given more attention mens wedding dresses are not far behind and designers like rici melion, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, Ali xeeshan, and samsara make sure that men are also on their top game in the festive season. Here are a few trends you need to follow this wedding season.


When it comes to looking like royalty on your big day then nothing can do it better than a sherwani. It is a well-tailored slim-fitted long coat with button detailing on the front and is mostly worn over shalwar kameez or kurta pajama. This piece of clothing has to be one of the most worn among grooms. Sherwanis are not only a popular dress in weddings but also informal gatherings among politicians. We loved the dulha dress collection from Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s Yar beli. It featured pastel colors with golden embroideries to accentuate the whole look.

Prince Coat

If you’re someone who is not into the knee-length silhouette of sherwani and you’re bored with age-old embroideries and embellishments and want something experimental then prince coat is the perfect fusion of eastern and western clothing. Its torso length silhouette with well fitted tailored look paired with formal pants will make you look polished and put together. You can also go for a basic prince coat with color coordinating pants or you can also opt for minimal embroideries or embellishments on it. Rici Melion has the finest collection of prince coats in their men’s wedding suit category.


Another type of coat that is evergreen and is the perfect complement to the classic old shalwar kameez or kurta set is the waistcoat. While prince coats or sherwanis may look good on Barat or reception but for groom dress for mehndi waistcoats look best on a white shalwar kameez or kurta pajama. You can go for a vibrant and bright color palette on the prince coat with floral or golden zari embroidery and pair it with solid-colored kurta pajama. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha has the most loved collection of waistcoats.


If you’re someone who is not a big fan of eastern men’s wedding dresses and wants to take a break from all the embroideries and embellishments and the vibrant colors then a suit would be the perfect fit for you. A suit is the most universally accepted garment and will make you look great in any event. You can wear it in Barat and walima. A pant coat has different styles and you can go with either one according to your personal preferences. Rici Melion is known for its world-class tailoring, high-quality fabric, and fine detailing on its suits. Shop yours at LAAM.pk.

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