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7 Checkups for Men to Avoid a Sudden Health Crisis

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Men don’t find the need to visit their doctor unless it’s a visible health emergency. It is a common problem with males around the globe, which leads to significant problems in the future. Regular checkups ensure the early detection of a problem for more accessible treatment.

However, you may find yourself in deep trouble if you continue to avoid your doctor until the retirement age. The checkup will provide the detail of your health condition to make timely changes to your lifestyle. Furthermore, you don’t have to visit the doctor every other week as checkups take place after a year.

Cost of Checkup and Treatment

The cost of checkups is a significant reason for people to avoid them. They don’t want to spend money unless they experience a problem with their health. However, you don’t have to spend a heavy amount on these tests with the right insurance policy.

Yes, the insurance policy will cover the checkups and treatment based on their coverage. Make sure to sign up for the policy that covers the essential checkups after regular intervals. In case of a medical emergency without insurance, you can try taking out unemployed loans with no guarantor from direct lenders.

Essential Checkups for Male on Regular Intervals

Your health checkups will include the search for symptoms and signs of underlying conditions. These symptoms will help detect severe medical conditions in their early stage. Add the following checkups to your list to take preventive measures before it’s too late.

  • Blood Sugar Check

The glucose check once a year will help reduce the chances of certain heart-related diseases. Diabetes links with the sugar level in your blood to cause various health issues. From cardiac diseases to erectile dysfunction, the advanced stages of diabetes can cause unnecessary complications in your life.

The initial stages of diabetes are easy to manage with simple lifestyle changes. You need to increase your physical activities while maintaining a healthy diet. The use of insulin and oral medication will help control the disease if diet and exercise are not enough.

  • Skin Check Checkups

Skin cancer is a disease prevalent in men with a family history of excessive sunburns in childhood. You can encounter skin cancer at any stage of your life. Thus, it is extremely important to keep an eye on the problem with a yearly skin check.

You should consult your dermatologist and explain the history of cancer in your family or the sunburns of the past. Examine the moles and birthmarks on your body as a small change can indicate concerning aetiology. Furthermore, keep the sunscreen in your backpack to avoid the harmful impact of sun rays on your skin.

  • PSA Test

Prostate cancer is among the most common form of cancer for men around the world. A recent study indicated one in seven men have a high risk to develop cancer. You should take the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test to detect cancer in the early stages.

Men between 50 and 70 years should add it to their checkup list along with the digital rectal exams (DRE). It can begin as early as 40 years of age if you have a family history of prostate cancer. You should start the checkups even if the family history is unknown to you.

  • Colonoscopy

The colon cancer risk increases in men after the age of 50. You should consider colonoscopy at least once every 3 years to detect the disease in the early stages. Furthermore, it is important for people with an inflammatory bowel disease history or high animal fat diet.

Again, you should consider colonoscopy early if your family has a history of colon cancer. For others, the results of each colonoscopy will determine the duration until the next test checkup.

  • Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Checkups

High blood pressure is a very issue for men and is often overlooked because of the stressful life. It is the primary reason for stroke in men, with millions of cases each year worldwide. High cholesterol level in your body is another primary reason for stroke and heart-related problems.

You can use small machines to check your blood pressure and cholesterol level at home. The local pharmacies have machines for blood pressure checks with any appointment. You should not wait for the bodyweight to show the increasing amount of cholesterol and get yourself checked after the age of 20 years.

  • Echocardiogram

You can avoid cardiac diseases with simple weight management strategies and an exercise schedule. Moreover, it helps to check your blood pressure and cholesterol level regularly to keep your heart healthy. However, people with a family history of heart diseases should opt for an echocardiogram.

It is a test also recommended for people with high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It tests your heart for cardiac stress to find and measure the damage. You can live without the constant worries of heart disease if the reports are positive.

  • Lung Screening

You should know the lung cancer is among the cancers that people can prevent. Most of the time, it is found in people who smoke or inhale second-hand smoke. The other people may include someone with a predisposition because of genes or exposure to harmful chemicals.

You should follow the preventive measures instead of following the extraordinarily stressful and weakening treatment of lung cancer. People often find lung cancer while screening their lungs for some other reasons.

Lung screening is a controversial test in the medical fraternity. It often faces criticism because of the use of the high amount of radiation during the procedure. The future may bring low-dose scans for lungs to make them safer for the patients.


To sum up, regular checkups to maintain risk and disease-free bodies are critical for men. Your stressful lifestyle often doesn’t support healthy habits, which may lead to severe problems in the future. Moreover, you may face those problems because of your genes and family history. Therefore, it is better to take precautions instead of waiting for the symptoms to appear.

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