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Full Body Waxing for Wedding: What You Need To Know

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Grooming is one of the noticed things in today’s time. There is no doubt in the fact that we all wish to be perfectly groomed from head to toe and waxing is one of the best parts of grooming. No matter where you have to go, waxing is a must for almost all of us and one thing to keep in mind is only the good quality wax and only the best professionals should be chosen to do the complete process. With the advent of technology, now you don’t have to get down to the salon for booking an appointment, you can do it easily with the assistance of booking apps for the salon just in a few clicks. Waxing treatments today are filled with multiple options to cater to all the requirements and tastes. Here in this article, we will get t know more about body waxing and about the things that brides need to know about full body waxing.

What is Full Body waxing?

In full-body waxes, the best hair removal products are used to make the body completely hair-free and will make your body very soft to touch. It ensures a uniform texture in all the parts of your skin. Now, a full body wax will be alternate between soft waxes and hard waxes based upon the treated area and the amount of hair to remover per section. This treatment usually begins with the intimate area and the bikini section and then continues with the arms, legs, and back.

Things Brides need to know about full body waxing?

Here are a few things that should be known by the brides about waxing. Without much further ado, let’s jump up on the key points.

  1. Waxing is one of the most ideal ways to remove hair as it removes the hair for a longer period of time and will provide you with better results when compared to the other methods. It helps in the removal of the hair at the root and not just from the skin level and its effect usually lasts for about three to six weeks, it will give you just what you require for your wedding day and honeymoon.

  1. A lot of brides ask which wax is the best of all and the answer to it is elastic wax. It is a completely natural formula made with the help of pine tree, resin, beeswax, and essential oils which is to be applied at body temperature. It also helps in opening the pores slowly and moisturizes the skin which allows the wax to gently remove the hair.

  1. Brides live with confusion that how soon should they get waxed before their wedding day. Now, here is the answer. If you have never waxed the area before, the closer your wedding is, the better it will as your hair has become used to the different hair removal methods like shaving which provides uneven growth until it adjusts to the waxing cycle. If you have waxed before, two to three days before the big day is an ideal choice. Also, If you are going to have a trial wax, then it is recommendable to do it a month before your wedding day. This will let your skin rehydrate for a more effective wax just before the wedding day and will last for a longer time too.

  1. Preparation is one of the primary things that you should know about. Preparing your skin before waxing is very important. Now, the first thing is that you must grow your to about ¼ inch in length. If it is too short, the wax may not effectively work and attach to the hair follicle. Then, you must exfoliate the areas you want to get waxed. It is very vital to buff away the dead skin cells to ignore the clogged pores and the ingrown hairs. The last exfoliation process must be done at least two days before the wax treatment. Then, the final step is to moisturize the skin perfectly until the day before the waxing to keep the skin hydrated.

  1. Most of the brides are worried about how to keep the breakouts and the previous razor bumps at bay. Then, you have to ignore any hair-removal methods that provide you with ingrown hair and breakouts. Breakouts can take place if you rea using a product that consists of chemicals. Shaving with dull razors is one of the major reasons for causing products. You must use a good product on your area so that it moisturizes the skin, eliminates inflammation, and assists in releasing the hair caught in the follicle.

  1. Now, if you are thinking about the way to make your service last for a longer time and keeping the skin smooth. Then, for this, you must drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside out and take the assistance of a great daily moisturizer to store the moisture.

Benefits of Full Body Waxing?

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that are provided by waxing:

  1. It assists in the less regrowth of the hair. Waxing eliminated the hair from the root and the hairs are cut off close to the skin level so there is no chance of quick growth of hair.
  2. Not just the amount of regrowth, it also affects the quality of the regrowth. With waxing, you will experience the growth of finer hair.
  3. It helps in removing the dead skin cells and makes your area smooth and soft.
  4. With the assistance of waxing, all the shaving rash gets eliminated immediately.



Waxing is very important for each one of us and is very important for the brides. The facts mentioned above should be thoroughly remembered by the brides so that they have the perfect skin for their wedding as well as their honeymoon. With the rise in technology, it has been extremely easy to book the best professionals in just one go with the assistance of the best appointment booking apps for salons. You don’t have to do anything just download the app, select the salon, choose the service and time and that’s it you have got yourself a salon appointment booked in just a few clicks.

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