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Brilliant Ways to Change The Password of Linksys Velop Mesh Router

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The Linksys Velop mesh router is connected with almost 15 devices. This product is mostly in homes and small offices to access the internet. We can secure their router to create a username and set the password of their device. This Velop router is connected with every device like; IOS/Android smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. We can control this device through the Linksys mobile app. All setting information is given on that app and we change the username and password of their device with the help of this device. The data transferring rate of this device is 1230 Megabits per second with a radio frequency of 5GHz. They have 2 ports to connect the wired connection with your device. Most people use this device with a wireless connection mode. They can change the mode to connect with the help of the Velop mobile app.

The linksys velop setup is very easy. If you follow the steps to set up the router correctly. Therefore, the device would not be halved. The 1A battery is required for this device. The RAM size and memory storage capacity of the device is 267 MB. Next, I am talking about the steps of how to change the password and username of the Linksys router in the following lines.

Ways to Replace the Password and Username of Linksys Velop Mesh router

If you want to change their router password and username, correctly. So, please follow the steps full of concentration.

First, you need to connect their computer or laptop with the router. Secondly, after the connection go to the Velop app and then tap on the router setting. Thirdly, touch on the change option, and then you go to the personal details of the router and click on the change of password and username. Then the computer told you to enter the old password and username, then click on the next. After that, you enter the new password and username, and then you enter the username and password again to confirm. At last, tap on the Finish option to complete the process of changing username and password. 

The Linksys Velop mesh router offers the best option, it changes the device without rebooting the device. After that, I will discuss the features of the Velop router in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Features of the Linksys Velop Mesh router

There are many features of the Linksys router. To begin with,

Provide strong connection 

That device offers better connection access to the internet point with no interference of other devices’ connection. The performance of the device is very high. They can connect almost 14 devices to this Linksys router.

Control of Parents 

Parents can control the whole router with the help of a smartphone far away from the location of the router. And parents set the limit on the usage of data for the security of their children and they can ban or block useless websites through the Linksys app. 

Tri-band technology

This router is based on tri-band technology to increase the performance and speed of the device. The slow band technology is 2.4GHz radio frequency and the technology from this is 4GHz radiofrequency. The latest and strongest dual-band technology is the 5GHz radio frequency.

Guest access

Guest access is the most important function of the device. The consumers set another password from the personal password for the guest to access the security of the device. These are the features of the Linksys Velop router. You can attach the extender and setup with extender.linksys.com wizard.


That is a very nice device to connect the device with their smartphones, computers, and laptop. The reset of the device is very easy. To reset this device we need to look at the pony of reset. And then put a pin into the hole of reset and hold it for 30 seconds. Then the reset procedure is started and all lights of the router are blinking and when blinking is stopped, the reset process is completed. After that, you need to re-plug the router and start it again. And then your device is working in a perfect manner.

My cousin brought this product to increase the encouragement of the internet at their home. For enjoyment such as playing games, video streaming, and watching new movies. And, we can add all family members to that Linksys router and it doesn’t affect the performance of the router. If you want more information, create your account. So, enter this extender.linksys.com on the web browser of their smartphone.

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