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Can I Talk About My Product Injury Case On Social Media?

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There are millions of products being sold out every day, and each product manufacturer ensures to produce all their products that are harmless and do not bring any life-alarming impacts. 

Still, certain products in a batch might be detected as manufacturing defective products or damaged during shipment. In such cases, if a consumer bought a defective product and did not realize it until they started using it and got injured, then the entire chain of distribution involved in the product delivery might be affected. The manufacturer’s responsibility is to produce their product in a proper condition so that the consumer does not get impacted. 

Usually, a consumer might not know whom to approach if they had become a victim of a product injury case, so they can search for a personal injury lawyer near me on the internet to get the best results in finding an experienced attorney in their area. 

Things to keep in mind if you are a victim of product injury:

  1. Approaching medical care

Although you might have to become a victim of a product injury case, you need to seek medical attention to protect yourself from the complications that the injury can create. Additionally, a medical report delivered by a health expert can be considered as a shred of evidence if you are trying to get compensation for the losses endured.

  1. Not signing any document.

Usually, in the case of a product injury, the brand of the product might try to wrap up the issue if it is too severe and may impact the brand image, and so the victim might be handed over a contract not to take the case further. You are not supposed to sign any contract or agree on a verbal statement by the product’s manufacturer, dealer, or even the owner.

  1. Not sharing on social media.

Although due to the suddenness of the incident, you might think it is better to reveal the injury caused by a product on social media. In contrast, it can turn against you in some cases, impacting the claim to the product injury. There are chances that you might lose the claim. Hence, it is crucial not to disclose any information about the incident on social media.

  1. Gathering evidence

For a stronger claim, you must provide the insurance company with essential supporting elements that might prove that a defect in the product caused the injury. If you are injured, ensure that you take photographs and videos of the injury and the product that caused the injury. You can also collect the receipts that you received when buying the product.

There are several factors that you should keep in mind when dealing with a product injury claim. Sharing on social media can only cause more trouble for the case, the respective product dealer, and the victim. So, you should approach the claim legally.

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