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Top 5 Trending Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses not only enhance your appearance but also provide perfect vision. It is a great option to switch up your eye color every day for a fresh look. Most people opt for colored contact lenses for this purpose. However, you can also go for transparent lenses if you wish to ditch your glasses for a youthful appearance. This article sheds light on various trending brands with the best eye lenses price in Pakistan.

Subtle and Unique Bella Contact Lens

If you wish to make a statement without looking too vibrant or over the top, go for Bella Contact lenses. These contacts are some of the most popular lens brands across the world. Because of the subtle appearance and beautiful shades, most women go for this brand. Also, the unbeatable quality and affordability put Bella lenses on top of the list. You can choose from several Bella Lenses collections to gear up your style every day. These categories feature lenses that make you look subtle or glamorous, depending on your choice.

Soft and Comfortable Dahab Lenses

Luxurious and premium quality Dahab lenses are one of the top choices of contact lens wearers. Each pair from this brand has precise specifications of base curve, texture, and diameter. Also, the different colors in these lenses blend for a seamless appearance. Dahab lenses colors come in an elegant range of trendy shades. You can choose your style from the gold and platinum collection. Also, every collection features multiple color options for a casual or high-fashion look.

Transparent Contact Lenses for Perfect Vision

Even though colored lenses are the trendy talk of the town right now, transparent lenses have their purpose. For those with an eye disorder such as near or farsightedness, transparent contacts are the perfect option. These contacts are the lightweight and chic alternative to eyeglasses. Also, you can get them in several prescription options depending on your needs.

Vibrant Yet Natural Freshlook Lenses

These lenses come in Plano and eyesight options with a vast range of shades. The eye-catching shades offer a trendy look for any event. Besides, you can wear them during the day or the night to amp up your outfit. Freshlook lenses offer a diverse color palette with every option that you may need. You can shop this color range from the color blends collection and the one-day contact lenses collection.

Bright and Charming Freshkon Lenses

Circle lenses became a trend in recent years. These lenses enlarge the eyes and draw more attention towards them. The defined limbal ring around these lenses looks elegant and complements the overall tone. Also, the vibrant shades add a brightening effect to the face. Freshkon lenses are some of the most affordable and high-quality contact lenses. You can buy these lenses from four different collections, including Colors Fusion, Mosaic, Alluring Eyes, and Moondust.

Glassesmart is a leading online lens store in Pakistan that deals with high-quality products. You can buy affordable contact lenses from this website with free delivery to your home. Also, the wide selection of colored and transparent lenses enables you to choose according to your style.

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