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Does OptiCover Range Amplifier Absolutely Amplify The Router’s Signal?

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The optiCover extender is a wireless 802.11ac networking extender that absolutely extends the network. It works with any router, gateway, and WiFi network. This is a range extender that thoroughly extends the range of your existing router. The OptiCover range extender boosts the network signal and actually enlarges the home network coverage. It works with any WiFi network through wireless or wired network connectivity. This networking device brings 4 high-gain antennas that extremely catch the new network signal outside and then create a power network signal in your home. Then the WiFi dead zone absolutely burns in all the points of your residence. The OptiCover range Amplifier truly solves the weak signal of the wifi router. It comes with a repeater, access point, router, media bridge mode. 

The OptiCover wifi range extender is universally compatible with all types of network standards. It is fully compatible with 802.11ac, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11n, 802.11g, and others. This wireless range amplifier fully amplifies the wireless network signal in the long-lasting area as well as the dead spot area. If you wish to change the admin login password of this range amplifier then you should visit this web address ap.setup and then simply change the login admin password. 

Unusual features of the OptiCover Range Amplifier networking device 

The OptiCover wifi range extender delivers high-range network connectivity in all the points of your smart residence. If your home is so big then this device absolutely covers all the points like all the rooms, kitchen, balcony, garden, and also backyard. This networking device has some unusual features which are presented below.

Effectively Improve the weak signal

The optiCover wireless range extender absolutely works with the existing WiFi network. This network device absolutely designs to improve the weak signal. It easily connects to the existing network device via the WPS button or Ethernet cable connection. The wireless network connectivity is more & high-rated. To widen network coverage, you surely use this network device and easily expand the network coverage. The Opticover wireless range amplifier enhances the powerful outside antennas that absolutely amplify the network signal. Some routers do not have outside antennas that are not capable of amplifying the network signal. Thus, the OptiCover range extender absolutely amplifies the wireless network signal. 

Smoothly connect to the existing network

The use of the Opticover range amplifier simply connects to the electric outlet without touch or use any cable. Some other extenders & routers need cable to get the power from the electric outlet. But this extender directly connects to an electric outlet, because this extender has a detachable plug. The OptiCover wireless range extender easily connects to existing network devices like routers, gateways, cable modems, and other networking devices. This extender actually provides extended network connectivity to client networking devices. Simply use the WPS button and then simply make the network connection without any disturbance. 

Safe OptiCover Range Amplifier device

The OptiCover WiFi range extender absolutely enhanced the security encryption. That widely provides safety about your wireless range extender. This range extender absolutely enhanced WPS, WPA2, WEP, WPA-PSK security encryption. This security truly saves the Opticover range amplifier from the outsider, hacker, & malware. But to save your device from the outside you should enable this security. For this, you simply visit the setting and then opticover wifi extender setup & also smoothly enable the security without any query. 

Convenient Opticover range extender design 

The OptiCover wireless range extender is very small & tiny in size. That means you freely place this range extender anywhere without any interruption. Its size is small, only then we can place it anywhere without any problem. The biggest advantage of this extender being a small size is that we can place this extender anywhere like in the backyard, balcony, and other places. Afterward, enjoy the wireless stable network without worrying about weak WiFi network signals. 

Some points about OptiCover Range Amplifier amplify the router’s signal 

If you already use the WiFi router but the range is very noisy then you cannot do the online work. Then you should utilize the OptiCover wireless range extender because it delivers ultimate performance and then abolishes the interrupted signal.

The Opticover extender comes along with a 1200 Mbps WiFi network signal. This signal is actually more strong & powerful. Then it easily eliminates the router’s weak signal without any hassle. This networking extender also has external antennas that absolutely enhance the network signal & performance. The smart LED light is also there in the front panel that optimizes the status. If the extender does not properly connect to the extender then the extender does not amplify the signal and its LED light is red. Thus, all things about the extender also amplify the signal. 

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