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How Dentists Can Improve the Look of Your Gums

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A perfect smile is not only confined to having pearly white teeth; gums also play an important role in it. If your gums are improper, for example, if they are heavy and large, appearing slumpy on the teeth, or if they are receding from their position, then no matter how much you work on your teeth, it would not have an impact on your smile.
Let’s have a look at how the dentist in St. Anthony can revamp your gums.
For those of you who do not know, periodontists are the specialist of gums. They work through and through with any gum issue. Enlisted are the most common surgeries done to restore a perfect smile.

Over-grown Gums

Often this condition is referred to as a gummy smile. The gums tend to cover up a large area, kind of like slumping on the front teeth. This gives an illusion of the teeth being smaller in size. Fortunately, a gum lift procedure can very well help get rid of this issue.

Gum lift

Scientifically known as gingivectomy, a procedure that uplifts and sculpts the gums by restructuring the bones and tissues, giving a longer look to the teeth.
It is performed on people with an enlarged or non-symmetrical gum line. After surgery, they appear symmetrical and appropriately sized with an adequate ratio of the gums to teeth.

Deformed smile

No matter how straight your teeth are, if the gums are improper, it will make them appear uneven in size, giving you a crooked smile. Gingivectomy will align the gum line giving it a clean and even look.

Toothy smile

If your gums are receding from the line, then you might fall under the category of people who have toothy smiles. Well, a toothy smile may not always need fixing, but if they appear to be abnormally large, then the gum grafting procedure is the way to go.

Gum grafting

This surgery covers up the root. Your periodontist will take some tissues from your palate or any other suitable source and place them on the exposed tooth root to cover it up.
Gum graft significantly helps in halting the sharp pain and sensitivity due to the exposure of tooth root. This procedure has dual benefits, cosmetic and periodontal health both.

Missing Tooth

Most people once in their lifetime will come across such an incident that will make them lose their teeth. Be it a child or an adult, losing a tooth can have a pessimistic effect on that individual’s personality. It serves as a dent in their personality. Not only will it hurt their self-confidence but also negatively impact their oral health.

Thankfully we have dental implants that can help fill the space. A titanium post that acts as a root for that synthetic tooth is placed in the jaw bone; once set, the dentist will place a crown on it, giving it a natural look.

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