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How Does Medicare Affordable Health Insurance Work When You Are On Vacation?

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Medicare is not just going to provide healthcare coverage when you are in your hometown. If you have a vacation planned soon, you are probably worried about healthcare coverage and how your affordable Medicare health insurance will cover you on the go. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a different part of the country or abroad for your next trip; it is natural to be worried about how any insurance will cover you at your destination. Agencies like The Benefit Link will be glad to answer your Medicare coverage-related questions when you are traveling. However, if you are looking for quick information about Medicare coverage while traveling, we suggest you keep reading this article.

How do Medicare and Medigap offered by private health insurance companies cover you when traveling within the US?

Whether you only have Original Medicare, or the benefit from Medigap offered through health insurance companies, you must consider both when traveling. So without further ado, here is how Medicare and Medigap, along with other related programs, cover you when you are away on a trip:

Original Medicare Coverage: If you travel within the country with Original Medicare, you are pretty much good to go. As long as you are within the US territory, you can expect the same level of coverage.

Medigap Supplemental insurance coverage: Since Medigap follows similar criteria as far coverage is concerned, you can get coverage for your Medigap anywhere in the US.

Medicare Part C coverage: If you have Medicare Part C, a part of the Medicare program, your coverage while traveling might be difficult to assess. That is because depending upon the Part C plan you have, you may only get coverage within your state, or if they do offer coverage outside your state, that may cost extra. So if you have Part C, you are better off contacting your provider, which is usually health insurance companies, and ask them about the coverage of your Part C plan in the area you are traveling to.

How does traveling overseas with Medicare and Medigap health insurance effects coverage?

While the coverage of these Medicare plans is pretty straightforward to avail within the US when traveling overseas, it is a different story. So without further ado, here is how you are covered by Medicare plans when traveling overseas:

Original Medicare coverage: If you are traveling outside the US with Medicare, you are not covered by your Medicare plan unless you find yourself in the following situations:

  • Suppose you are traveling between Alaska and any other part of the US by passing through Canada, and you experience a medical emergency while still in Canada. In that case, your Medicare may cover you for this medical emergency.
  • If you are onboard a cruise ship and are still in the US boundaries, or within 6 hours of travel of the nearest US port, the ship’s onboard doctor will provide your healthcare, and Medicare will cover the costs.
  • If you experience a medical emergency within the US and a foreign hospital is close to your location, you can get coverage for your treatment in that foreign hospital.
  • If a foreign hospital is close to your home, you are still covered under Medicare, even if it’s not a medical emergency.

Medigap coverage: Medigap provides coverage for when you are traveling abroad; however, the level of coverage differs from plan to plan.

Medicare Part C: Like Medigap, some Part C plans offer coverage for traveling outside the US. However, primarily, the scope of Part C is also determined by the same criteria as mentioned for Orignal Medicare.

Whether you have Orignal Medicare or Medigap provided by private health insurance companies, it is best to know your plan’s coverage before embarking on your next trip.

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