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How is Color Blind Glasses Inherited?

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In most people, color blind glasses is always an inherited trait. Since men have one X chromosome and women have two, men are more prone to color blind glasses than women. So if a man inherits the gene for the defect, he will become color blind, while a woman who inherits the gene for the trait will not be affected by the color vision defect. The reason for this is that a good X chromosome will control the inherited defect gene. Therefore, for a woman to inherit the defect, she must receive the defective trait from both parents.

The second cause of the color vision defect is disease. One of the most common causes of this inherited genetic defect is cataract. Diseases of the retina and optic nerve also lead to this defect. Medications such as digitalis taken for heart disease, quinine for malaria, and alcohol also cause color blind glasses.

Color blind glasses does not mean that a person sees only black and white, but that he or she cannot see certain colors or has difficulty distinguishing them. Check it out for yourself using this chart.

The cones and color vision

Human color vision is related to the cones, which are very small cells in the retina. The cones of the colors “red”, “blue” and “green” are receptive to colors and their combinations. All three types of cones are necessary for good color perception. If the combination of the cones is not correct, the brain cannot get an accurate message about the color. A color blind person will see green leaves as if they were tan or gray.

Forms of genetic blindness

Genetic color blind glasses is the result of inherited abnormalities of photoreceptor cells. Abnormal function of different types of cone cells results in various forms of genetic color blind glasses. Difficulty distinguishing yellow, red and green is one type of defect, and difficulty distinguishing blue and yellow is another type of color blind glasses. The rarest type is monochromacy, in which the patient sees only a world in black and white.

Color blind glasses, in which it is difficult to distinguish red from green, is the most common type of genetic impairment. About 2 to 6% of men suffer from this deficiency. A person can also inherit this trait that reduces their ability to distinguish blue from yellow, and this deficiency affects both men and women.

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