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I Got A Wrong Diagnosis – Is That Medical Malpractice?

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Medical emergencies can happen at any time but getting the proper treatment for the medical condition is essential to avoid any complications in the future. Usually, a person pays a visit to a doctor to get treated by a medical expert and avoid wrongful self-diagnosis. In some cases, if the doctor itself shows a false report, they can be held accountable for their action, and it can be called out as medical malpractice. 

A patient who has received a wrong diagnosis has the right to file a lawsuit against the doctor who diagnosed them by approaching injury attorneys Huntington Beach. Usually, an attorney will help by recovering the losses incurred by the patient due to the wrong diagnosis, such as medical bills for the treatment through a compensation claim.

Here are some of the medical malpractice errors:

  1. The unrelated disease is not diagnosed

Usually, if a patient is getting treated by a doctor, all the patient’s diseases must be diagnosed and disclosed by the doctor. Failing to diagnose a second unrelated disease while diagnosing one disease correctly can be considered medical malpractice since a doctor must be transparent about the diagnoses that he finds out on the patient.

  1. The related disease is not diagnosed.

Unlike unrelated diseases, related diseases can be diagnosed instantly when a doctor is treating a patient since the related disease might be causing infection to the patient. For instance, if a patient is getting treated for breathing problems, the doctor must check if there are any blockages in the patient’s lungs or if they are suffering from lung disease. 

  1. Delaying in diagnosing a disease

All doctors are expected to diagnose a disease at the early stages of its development. For example, suppose a patient seeks medical treatment and shows symptoms of a specific disease. In that case, it should not be taken lethargically by the doctor, and adequate medical measures must be taken. If not, the doctor who delayed getting lab reports or taking x-rays on the patient’s condition can be held accountable for medical malpractice.

Therefore, any error in medical treatment or wrongful diagnosis by a doctor can be reported to the court, and legal action can be taken against the doctor. All patients must be treated equally with utmost medical care. If a patient suffers from medical malpractice and is unsure what to do about it, seeking legal help from an attorney is recommended.

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