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The Metal Detecting Accessories to Include in Your Hunting Pouch

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If you have just gotten your first metal detector, you must be eager to get out and start the hunt. No one will stop you from doing so; however, your hunt might not be as productive as you thought in the absence of metal detecting accessories.

Below, we have come up with a list of gears with the help of Teknetics Direct that can help make your hunting more productive. While you may not need all the accessories mentioned below, they are convenient for hunting. Having these by your side will prepare you to face any trouble you might get into on the field.

Headphones – One of The Top Metal Detecting Accessories

This accessory plays a significant role in helping you discover metal detecting finds. Anything that can cancel out the annoying sound around you during the hunt is always a plus point. It helps a great deal to focus on the signals rather than getting distracted by people, birds, and traffic in the surrounding. It also helps to improve the audio quality; ultimately, helping you catch the signals more clearly. 

There are different sizes, features, and capabilities available when you are shopping for this accessory. So, make sure to consider your requirements before making the final purchase. 

PinPointer – Consider The Hand-Held One

It isn’t a must-have accessory, as most of the detector already has this feature built-in. However, we recommend getting a handheld version, as it is more precise, quick, and easy to use. Along with these benefits, it will also help you in fast target recovery, digging small holes without damaging the target.

Digging Tools – Easily Available in Metal Detector Stores

There is a chance that you might end up having multiple digging tools in the pouch, but don’t worry about the excess. You will need different kinds of tools on different terrains, which also comply with the regulations for hunting in a specific area. For instance, in some parks, you can only bring small picks that cause the tiniest disruptions to the ground. Whereas, on beaches, you’ll need a sand scoop to let the water and sand pass through the items. 

Covers for Search Coil

If your metal detector has come without the cover, then you might have to buy one for each of the coils you own. They are essential as they will help keep the coil protected from quick wear and tear or other potential damages in the terrain. It is a much cheaper option than replacing a search coil. 


These are the covers for the detector’s control box. Not all boxes are water-resistant. If the water leaks reach the components, it can cause electrical damage; therefore, a cover-up is essential to protect the equipment from rain, mud, or wet fingers.

Additional Batteries & Chargers

Never forget to take along some spare batteries with you on the hunt. If you have them on hand, you can continue to hunt for a long time without having to run back to get a new one. Especially if you are hunting in a remote location, it will come in a lot handy.

Metal detecting accessories play a vital role in helping you make the hunt fun and easy. More so, it will increase the productivity of your time on the field. So, get them now if you haven’t already.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What accessories are needed for metal detecting?

If you are new at metal detecting, then consider filling your toolbox with the following accessories:

  • Headphones
  • Pinpointer
  • Digging tool 
  • Sand scoop 
  • Metal detecting Pouch
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Metal detecting shovel 


  • Can you metal detecting with just a pinpointer?

Every metal detector is not good at working in a trashy site, and if it’s the case with you, use a pinpointer. However, you’ll have to grind and focus on only one area at a time, which can slow you down a bit.

  • How do you pinpoint with a metal detector?

Make sure you keep your detector as close to the ground as possible. Sweep your detector from left to right, creating an imaginary X-line. The detector will ping each time the coil passes over some target.

  • How do I get better at metal detecting?

To make the best out of your detectors and metal detecting accessories, follow these tips:

  • Don’t forget iffy signals
  • Carry extra batteries
  • Take extra detector along
  • Hunt after rain
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