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Ultimate Guide to Shop for Bespoke Shoes

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Even if you are someone who likes a sporty look, owning a few pairs of leather shoes is recommended for impressing on formal occasions. There is no shortage of leather shoe brands today but very few people know how to go about shopping for a leather shoe. Here in this article, we have created an all-inclusive guide to buying a bespoke shoes online.

What kind of leather is being used?

Today, many types of leather look-alikes have been introduced. These might induce the appearance of leather but their inferiority becomes easily visible after a few wears. The hallmark of pure custom leather shoes is pure animal hide and this should be your first consideration. Hence, opt for a brand that has earned the reputation of using the purest form of leather.

Do Not Consider Exotic Leather Shoes Unless You Are an Expert

Make sure not to invest in exotic types of leathers if you don’t know the way to identify one. A few upscale leather shoes and accessory boutiques come up with leather shoes made from rare animal hides. These are very expensive. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to get them repaired and their care takes a lot of effort. Only buy them if you are very sure about your maintenance.

Understand Type of Leather Shoes

Your choices include:

Oxford Leather Shoes

The bespoke oxford shoes are considered the safest best that can never go wrong. They are usually sold in darker, conservative shades. Ideally suited for you if you have a collection of suits and want to dress sharply as they are very formal in appearance and can be worn to the workplace and parties. You can even wear them with denim. However, these are recommended to guys who usually tend to dress formally.


They have a more obtuse lacing arrangement. The laces are easily visible, and tend to protrude even when paired with long trousers. In comparison to Oxfords, they are considered less formal than but most people cannot tell the difference.

Dress Boots

These are often confused with leather shoes but are boots. They are not ideal for formal dressing or when you want to look sleek. They are understood to be more as sportier than traditional leather shoes.

Once you have decided the type of handmade leather shoes for men, underneath, we have referenced a portion of the reasons why you should consider them over other types.

They Have High-Quality

In the industrial facilities, the leather shoes have a large scale manufacturing that therefore cuts down the quality. Nonetheless, while making the custom shoes, unquestionably the best quality is utilized and the exquisite subtleties are rarely missed.

Incredible Finish

The best thing about custom leather shoes for men is that the craftsman never passes up any detail. This is the reason they have an unrivaled completion in contrast with the large-scale manufacturing shoes. Each pair has been made exclusively with enthusiasm and time.

Offers More Comfort

Probably the greatest benefit of hand-tailored shoes, especially from brands like IBEX is that you have the alternative to redo them to make a style articulation. You can pick your preferred leather. Notwithstanding, you have a ton of decisions to look over, so set aside the effort to investigate the choices before settling on the choice.

Long haul Investment

Leather shoes are incredible speculation as long as possible, particularly when they are carefully assembled. As great material is utilized taking shape, it won’t lose its polish even in unforgiving climate conditions. Nonetheless, you should invest some energy to keep them in the up top condition.

We hope our bespoke shoes online shopping guide will help you make the decision. Good luck!

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