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Understanding the Essence of Marketing Management

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Marketing is one of the most important and crucial factors behind any business. It is the most effective way of reaching out to your target audiences and converting prospective customers into actual ones. The concept of marketing is generally regarded as the practice of creating and disseminating information for the purpose of advertising and marketing a product or a service. Marketing therefore, refers to the entire process that an organization undertakes in order to engage with its target audience, establish long term relationships to generate mutual value for both parties, and finally capture sufficient value from the exchange of that value for future return.

Reaching Out To Your Customers

A well coordinated marketing process is, therefore, a must in every organization. This concept is widely applied and it basically involves the development of plans and strategies to reach out to your customers needs and aspirations. It includes creating and marketing a product or a service, gathering information on customers needs and expectations, developing marketing strategies, measuring results and communicating them to customers and stakeholders. A successful marketing strategy is based on the development of a set of marketing objectives, a consistent evaluation of these objectives by the company and constant communication between the marketing managers and customers.

Diversity Is Important

Many companies have a tendency to apply one marketing concept to all their products and services. They fail to take into account the unique characteristics of each product or service they offer and thus end up offering products and services that are quite similar to each other. Thus, instead of offering consumers what they actually want and need, companies fail to satisfy their customers’ needs and aspirations in the right manner. A good marketing concept therefore, should focus on providing your consumers what they actually want. If this simple concept is not properly applied, then you will be facing a situation where you are not only losing your consumers but also wasting a lot of valuable time and money as well.

Measuring Success

A well coordinated marketing concept should also include a set of measurement techniques and strategies that help you determine the success of your marketing strategies. After all, what is marketing resource management without evaluation of the results?For example, some companies mistakenly think that marketing strategies are all about the number of sales that they make. However, it is important to note that a proper definition of marketing should include the measurement of your product concept or the selling proposition. A good concept should be able to tell exactly what type of consumer it is appealing to and how much it can convince them. Furthermore, a marketing strategy should also take into consideration the types of buyers that you are targeting. By understanding the needs of your target consumers, you will be able to devise strategies that will work better for them.

Social Media

Another important aspect of effective marketing management is social marketing management. There has been a significant rise in the number of people who are engaging themselves in online marketing practices in recent times because of the ease of accessing the market and the low cost involved. The use of social marketing techniques in marketing has helped companies in creating a positive social impact on the society and also helping to increase their overall profits.

Psychology And Marketing

In fact, several marketing concepts are based on consumer psychology. These marketing concepts have proven to be very useful to businesses as well as individuals who are looking to target specific markets. Social marketing is based around the idea of influencing consumers through various forms of communication like online media. Another popular aspect of social marketing is consumer self-branding where consumers are given the opportunity to show off their personal brand by creating content profiles and sharing them with different social media sites. This enables other consumers to identify with the consumers and to purchase the products that are marketed through this channel.

Customer Orientation

In terms of the overall efficiency of a marketing concept, customer orientation is perhaps the most important factor that should be considered. Consumer orientation relates to the manner in which the product or service is being sold. This is achieved by making sure that the right customers are targeted by the marketing efforts. By identifying potential customers, businesses will also be able to concentrate on satisfied customers who will be more likely to purchase again in the near future. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the marketing strategy adopted targets prospective customers in the best possible manner.


Overall, marketing management is very crucial for ensuring long-term success for a business. Although there are many aspects of marketing that need to be monitored and for which regular reports need to be made, it is important to focus on some core issues such as the identification of target customers and the creation of customer loyalty programs. This will help ensure that the marketing concept being implemented is effective and helps achieve the desired objectives for the company.

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