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What Natural Things Can Help With Acne And Acne Scarring

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Are you suffering from acne? If so, you’re not alone. Acne is the most common skin problem in the United States. But the bad news is, people who suffer from acne often end up with a new problem: acne scars!

Acne starts when your skin pores get clogged with dead skin cells and oils. After suffering from acne, then comes acne scars. However, acne Scarring is a natural process when your skin attempts to heal the damage done by the blemish. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), acne scars are part of healing.

But we understand that acne scars can damage your confidence. The proper way to treat acne scars is surgery and laser resurfacing. If you want AAD suggested treatments to heal acne scars, we advise you to contact Fruitland Park Dermatologist.

Read along to find home remedies to relieve acne and acne scars.

Home Remedies for Acne

1 Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Like other kinds of vinegar, apple cider vinegar is known to combat bacteria and fungi. It contains organic acids, like citric acid, succinic acid, and lactic acid. These acids have been found to kill acne, suppress inflammation, and reduce the visibility of acne scars.

2 Take a Zinc Supplement

Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps in cell growth, metabolism, immune functions, and hormone production. Several studies suggest that people with acne often have lower zinc levels in their blood than people with clear skin. So taking zinc orally may reduce acne.

3 Apply Honey and Cinnamon Mask

The two factors that trigger acne are bacteria and inflammation, which can be reduced by applying a honey and cinnamon mask. Yes, honey and cinnamon can reduce inflammation and fight the bacteria responsible for acne.

Natural Products to Help Reduce Acne Scars

Now that we have discussed some effective home remedies to relieve acne, let’s shed some light on some natural products that can potentially help reduce acne scars.

1 Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil, also known as Nigella Sativa, is a common medicinal plant. It has antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, research has found that black seed oil can reduce scar visibility and improve wound healing. Therefore, if you have acne scars, try applying black seed oil to reduce acne marks and even prevent acne altogether.

2 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a common home remedy. It can speed up as well as improve the healing process for acne. It is widely available at local drugstores, but you can also grow the plant yourself. Once you find one, apply the sticky gel directly to your skin.

3 Honey

Honey is used for various medicinal purposes, such as burns, herps, and wounds. As it can speed up the wound healing process, it can potentially reduce acne scarring. Honey can also fight infections that can likely cause more acne to form. So if you want to heal acne scars faster, head to your kitchen!

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