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Why Should You Approach a Disability Services Organisation?

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Recent studies have shown that community support facilitates social participation in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Further, when there is community participation, parents and caregivers of people with ASD experience lower levels of stress and isolation.

Thus, participants who approach a disability services & support organisation can benefit from increased support, information, and improved social life. And, recognising the importance of community support, the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) dispenses its services and funding with the help of organisations called Local Area Coordinators (LAC) and Early Childhood partners.

The benefits that a person can gain from being a part of a disability services & support organisation are as follows:

  • Routine assistance:  Several people with a permanent disability cannot perform routine household chores such as cleaning, washing the dishes, and vacuuming. As such, support workers from the organisation can personally help so as to provide the participant with a clean and hygienic home. Additionally, if participants have NDIS funding for capacity building, service workers can train them to lead better lives.
  • Improved community participation: Participants of a disability services & support organisation can socialise, make friends, learn new life-skills such as cooking, avail of food when they cannot afford to, etc. It can bring immense relief to the participants when they know they have a set of reliable friends to help them through difficult times.
  • Access to life-skills training: People who develop a disability after a traumatic accident might need to re-learn basic skills such as how to use public transport, how to communicate effectively, and how to use digital technology to their benefit. As such, the NDIS funds such training through LACs. 263,210 beneficiaries have availed of this service in 2021, according to the NDIS statistics.
  • Opportunity for recreation: Participating in recreational and social activities is an excellent way of improving mental wellbeing and social integration. Activities such as watching movies, playing a sport, or even drinking a cup of coffee together can bring a smile to the faces of anyone involved.
  • Transport: Support organisations can organise transportation for people who want to travel for a job interview, medical appointment, or to attend training sessions. Additionally, they can train willing participants to use public transport so they can function independently.
  • NDIS coordination: The NDIS works on the basis of formulating and implementing a customised plan for each participant. As such, plans are reviewed occasionally, and funding is adjusted accordingly. Meanwhile, it can be overwhelming for someone without financial know-how to deal with the nuances of the process. So, support organisations help them understand the process, sit with them through the plan formulation, and follow up on the implementation, and it can ease the burden of beneficiaries. Additionally, they can arrange for experts to meet the plan goals, such as a speech therapist, dietician, and psychologist. 
  • Improved health and wellbeing: Support groups ensure their participants get their regular dose of exercise with local gyms, sports activities, dance classes, and many more fun events. Not only do participants get a healthy body, but they make great friends along the way. 

Australia has a vibrant community of people with disabilities. And the NDIS records show that 31% of their beneficiaries have autism, 20% have intellectual disability, and 9% have a psychological disability. Others who became disabled after an accident or a debilitating disease are also a part of the vast network. So, with the help of support groups, they get an opportunity to network with each other and form everlasting bonds that help them improve their daily lives and live more independently. Visit publishingbooth for more interesting articles.

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