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4 Different Ways To Keep Your Photo Albums Safe

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After every significant event, you reiterate the events in the form of photos, videos and albums. When memories are preserved, it brings a sense of fulfilment and joy. People even hire professional photographers to do this for them.

Such interventions become important as humans tend to be forgetful. There’s nothing like reminiscing about great times and cherishing them. Albums that were commissioned in the past took a long time to arrive. Nowadays, one can buy photo albums online. The photography industry is vast and famous in Australia. From 2007 to 2021, it has steadily grown and contributed to the revenue of $1 billion! What’s more? The global photographic services market is only expected to collect higher income, from $32 to $36 billion!

What Are The Different Ways To Preserve Memories?

With the advent of technology, people store most of their memories as pictures, videos, gifs and reels in their phones! The ones who own a professional camera may store the images on their laptops and PCs. However, going back to times before such advanced devices, people used polaroids, printed and framed pictures and photo albums.

There is a charm that these mediums of memory-saving have. They are long-lasting, and the fact that one can physically access these albums and pictures enhances the subjective experience. Moreover, there are some standard methods of storing events and memories:

  • SD Cards: SD cards are essentially storage cards that can store images, videos, movies and any other media files. They are available in different spaces like 8 GB, 16 GB, etc. While some are fixed storage spaces, others are expandable SD cards.
  • Photo Frames: From tabletop frames to gallery frames, there are many models that one can choose from. Photo frames allow an individual to highlight their favourite picture. Nowadays, collage frames are available that allow people to insert multiple images into a single framework.
  • Photo Albums: This is the most liked method. Photo albums are essentially big scrapbooks with professional pictures often placed in chronological succession. Earlier, there used to be photo studios that specialised in photo album making, but today one can easily order, design and buy photo albums online.
  • Polaroids: Polaroids are a more modern reinvention of the older photocards. These polaroids are white sheets of film that can be inserted into a polaroid camera to generate pictures in the physical form immediately. These white sheets of the film come embedded with designs and colours today.

What To Look For While Buying A Photo Album?

The most important thing to look out for when buying a photo album is the location. Popularly, photo albums are available for weddings, birthdays, graduation and baby photoshoots. These occasions have various templates and designs that one can choose from. Other events need to be customised.

The size of the photo album depends on the number of photos one wants to include. Usually, there are a fixed number of pictures, like 50 or 100. Another issue is orientation. Albums are available in both landscape and portrait orientation. The popular sizes are 4 x 6 inches and 5 x 7 inches.

The binding and cover material are the essential part of a photo album since they define its aesthetics. Ring-binder and glue-binder are the two most popular choices. While ring-binders offer the freedom to remove and insert pictures whenever one likes, the glue-binder albums offer a more book-like appearance. The cover’s material can be anything from faux leather to paper.

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