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Deadly Airborne Pollutants to Avoid for Better Indoor Air Quality

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As the fourth wave of COVID-19 is expected to impact the whole world, people are again urged to stay indoors due to the airborne pollutants. However, staying indoors for longer can have a destructive impact on health and indoor comfort. Therefore, having a proper AC unit is essential in such circumstances.

Things that Promote Airborne Pollutants

The pollutants that are found outside can reach home comfort via an AC system. However, this can be stopped by regular maintenance and repairing of your air conditioner. For this, you have to know about the following things that can cause all the deadly health issues:

1-     Burning Nicotine

Nicotine is the primary component in a cigarette that can cause lung cancer and other harmful respiratory problems. Many people feel suffocated by tobacco smoke, and smoking inside is a significant factor for that. Same health issues can also develop for passive smokers.

2-     Unprotected Indoor Fires

Indoor comfort states that the air inside is fresh and comfortable to breathe. However, fires that burst inside the houses, like in the kitchen and fireplaces, can create hazardous fumes if they are not appropriately protected.

3-     Use of Hazardous Gases

Many times, the ground on which a house is built can have hazardous materials in its soil. During construction, these harmful gasses can infiltrate the ventilation and duct systems and cause severe damage to the resident’s health. Therefore, the construction company should be mindful of testing the soil before starting any building.

4-     Excess Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide are the most formidable of all pollutants that wreck indoor comfort. These are formed when fuel is burned in factories and fumes are emitted. It is imperative to avoid these pollutants as much as possible.

Effects of Deadly Airborne Pollutants

The pollutants can come from anything inside or outside that can cause adverse effects on health. These deadly pollutants influence the different parts of the body. Following are some of the prominent adverse effects:

1-     Cardiovascular Disease

Lethal pollutants like particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and ozone gases can cause the heart to become weak. It furthers weaken human body immunity making it difficult for the body to fight such pollutants. This way, human beings become more and more prone to cardio diseases that may shorten their life span.

2-     Nervous System Breakdown

Many people have reportedly experienced headaches that led to anxiety because they can’t think of any apparent physiological source of the ailment. Actually, the sulfur dioxide and other deadly particles in the air are the reason for this condition, and it can only be avoided if you keep in check with the chemicals sneaking into your environment.

3-     Impact on Liver

Nitrogen dioxide is the most toxic pollutant that has a tremendous impact on the liver. It is known that the quality of blood is directly related to the function of the liver; thus, unhealthy particles are the primary source of a negative influence on the liver, causing an impact on the healthy blood flow.

4-     Increased Sensitivity

Allergens are the most common kinds of air pollutants that reportedly compromise indoor comfort, making the throat, eyes, and nose sensitive. It can increase breathing issues even if the air looks pure inside. These allergens also affect the eyes, nose, and throat, making everything soar and watery.

5-     Respiratory System Inflammation

When there is inflammation or chances of infection in the respiratory system, all body parts are affected simultaneously. It includes the nose, throat, lungs, and most importantly, the windpipe. It then results in blockage and even lung cancer.

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