11 Most Popular Modern Exterior Design Ideas For Your Dream House

Exterior Design Ideas

As Cecelia Ahern, a novelist born in Ireland once said, “A home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”. The exterior design ideas for the house have to actually reflect how you specifically want to feel which is definitely what everyone desires. You have the desire for something that is going to make you feel comfortable in, and not only the interior part of it but also the exterior. How would you want to feel while sitting on your balcony or terrace admiring your main view? How would you like your garden to smell like? At the end of the day, what would you want to feel driving up to your house?

Here are 11 inspiring Exterior Design Ideas from exterior house designers that demonstrate what it means to have a contemporary appearance for your dream house.

  1. For a stylish exterior, a great helpful design idea in order to decorate your house is to basically merge the shiny, fairly luminous, and basic coated wood with a decorative yet very protective coating of fine plaster which represents a combination of earth brown and gray. The façade of this fairly grand residence is completed with a set of well-kept garden greenery such as small bushes, trees, and plants.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. Another one of the great exterior design ideas is to actually include green scenery into your living space, not only for decoration but also for the intent and purposes of a healthier more efficient state of mind and body. This sequence of the snowy white brick formation allows the daylight to completely enter while this amazing house’s rooms and the garage are draped with a growing fern.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. This conspicuous house definitely has a very particular and quite significant ambiance. The particular reason for its unique atmosphere is that this standing-out mansion holds geometric details that actually attract the eyes of everyone passing by. It mirrors the nearby peaceful sea that with its steady rhythm that no other element of nature can equal.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. An avant-garde residence that is actually situated in Melbourne, Australia. This amazing house presents a few volumes. Basically, each part of this amazing house is set with structural laminated glass that gives a sweeping view of the spectacular forest were a billion lush leaves waves in the arboraceous air which gives an astonishing ambiance.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. A contemporary mansion that mixes quite nicely with its surroundings. This modern-day residence’s exterior holds a very well-defined structural style that, for all intents and purposes, is complemented by a garden designed in a style of a resort with a magnificent infinity pool and tiered greenery.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. A contemporary house that holds a style that is quite minimalistic which actually demonstrates a very distinguished ambiance. This house also features very large balconies and has a concrete stairwell that descends to the tranquil swimming pool.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. We’ve all fantasized about owning a sort of contemporary log every now and again. This astonishing log holds a particularly long rectangular windowed hardwood façade that actually smooths out its grooves on the rooftop in every way possible. The body of this modern shed-like house that is situated in Iceland also is mostly perpendicular and when the doors slam, the windows open to a mesmerizing mountain view.

Exterior Design Ideas

  1. This modern structure with a transcendent towering column of concrete, a wooden blind wall, as well as its vertical panel entirely made of glass actually fits well and really complements its particular silver to a sandstone façade. A great idea is to also use a very small number of bushes that are placed in a very strategic way for the intended purpose of having an amazing outdoor or exterior landscape.

  1. A great idea is to actually make your pool generally resemble the form of your home’s façade. This very long-lined horizontal dwelling, with its coatings made of glass, shields it from the weather during which a very lovely stripe colored in blue spans the length of it. Different styles of contemporary outdoor chairs are arranged on the outdoor terraces in order to particularly identify the area’s specific function.

  1. An ingenious residential complex that is fairly significant. The outdoor lights of this nice street-sized house are used to great advantage in the concrete and brick-built roof discovery. As you make your way through a slew of shifting slabs, the beautiful façade, entryway, and luxuriant garden ferns are going to reflect light.

  1. This sophisticated modern is very spacious, light, and inviting. This property, for the most part, is actually surrounded by a series of trees and shrubs that are well-kept and taken care of while a wooden border ceiling as well as a stairway running around the perimeter of the core building to lead the way in.

~By Aya Mheidly

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