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Everything You Need To Know About CB Radio

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CB radio is basically a land mobile radio system that enables short-distance one-on-one bi-directional vocal communication between individuals. Many countries use it for business as well as personal communication. In addition, everyone is familiar with CB radio communication, but there are a few facts below that one may not have known. CB radio or Citizen Band Radio has been in Australia since the early 1970s. Previously it had a 27MHz frequency, but then CB radio in Australia switched to 477MHz in the 1970s, with a bandwidth of 40 channels.

In 2011, the need for additional channels increased to 80 channels, Narrow Band CB. Simultaneously, the number of repetitive channels doubled. This channel expansion is not done by increasing bandwidth to include additional channels but by reducing channel space.

However, with the launch of the 80-channel band, things changed. Because the bandwidth remained the same but received twice as many channels, there was only 12.5k Hz between the old and new channels.

To know more about CB radio in Australia, keep on reading.

Some Facts About Cb Radio In Australia

  1. Bigger isn’t Always Better: Yes, size is crucial. But it is a common misconception that a long CB antenna provides a wide range of reception and transmission in all conditions. Of course, long aerial works better than a short one in open, flat land, but it does not work like a short aerial in a hilly or flexible environment. How is that possible? Air efficiency is defined as gain. Gain is an electromagnetic force that describes how the antenna effectively converts electrical energy into radio waves in a particular direction when transmitting and reversing function when receiving them.
  2. No interruptions: Thanks to its Citizen band, CB radio is ‘on,’ meaning that whatever someone broadcasts or receives can be heard by any receiver on that channel. That’s good if anyone is looking for important information or emergency help, but it is sometimes a hassle.

The volume is very low in areas of tightly controlled radio, such as the Marine Rescue and the VKS-737 HF network. Hence, the users have more control, with basic principles that ensure a certain level of privacy. It does not keep your conversation private, but it does eliminate unwanted interruptions and can be helpful.

  1. Guidelines: The CB radios are becoming more popular these days, meaning almost every vehicle travelling in the forest has it, and this habit can breed contempt. Strict rules govern the use of citizen band radios, and a hefty fine or imprisonment may apply if misused.

For example, disrupting the broadcast of life and death on five and 35 scheduled stations would be a severe crime.


Moreover, the CB radio space, too, has a dedicated language with numbers and unique acronyms. It means one can always be reached by CB radio, even in areas of high altitude, forest, desert. CB radio is ready for use, and there are no additional fees, both overseas and unlimited. Undoubtedly, CB Radio is one of Australia’s most popular communications systems, and its popularity is still increasing year on year.

Originally, CB radios were designed to be used by all types of vehicles for general vehicle-to-vehicle and traffic-related communications. Still, in recent years, CB radios are also used by motorists for personal entertainment and companionship. There are ample CB radio dealers in Australia to provide one of the best products and services.

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