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Feminine hygiene is not an option; it’s a necessity!

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What is a sanitary bin?

A sanitary bin is a bin that is kept inside the toilets, which ensures the hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene products. The bins should be adequately covered so that the waste is not visible, and a contactless opening and closing system should be installed either with a sensor or foot pedal. These bins also contain an antimicrobial liner to prevent any germ buildups from entering the washroom.

It is a legal necessity to have sanitary bins in Melbourne in every washroom; this is important for feminine hygiene. If sanitary bins are not there in the washroom, one will flush the waste, which could cause blockage and is not hygienic. Not only that, but also the women are at risk if from improper hygiene. Public awareness of this is relatively low, and most people aren’t educated on the harm it can cause. Every public washroom should have sanitary bins, be it for the disposal of sanitary napkins or nappies. These are not to be thrown in standard dustbins. This will also make people aware of where they should throw their waste correctly. Sanitary waste in bins can contain pathogens that survive in untreated bins. Proper maintenance is essential. Sanitary bins must be cleaned at least once in two days, or else they can leave negative feedback.

How to choose the correct sanitary bin?

Sanitary bins in Melbourne are available in a variety of different materials, shapes and systems. The best ones are, however, stainless steel or polypropene due to their bacteria resistance capacity. It is easier to clean them or get rid of any bugs. Out of the system of operation of the bins, sanitary bins which have sensor or foot pedal is advisable to avoid any contact. Choosing the right size according to one’s needs and space is crucial. One can even look for a sanitary bin with a chute. These bins are more user-friendly as the user will not have to see or touch any waste already in there. This ensures that there will be no leakages, overflows and lousy odour.

Features and Benefits of Sanitary Bins:

  • Hands-free units to avoid contact of germs with hands.
  • It is lined with an antibacterial liner to prevent the retention of germs.
  • Feminine hygiene and user friendly
  • It has extra protection.
  • All sanitary bins come with a lid, i.e. is covered. This prevents the overflowing of waste and bad odour from spreading everywhere.

Additional Hygiene

Along with the proper sanitary bins, one can even get sanitary bags to ensure better disposal. This should also be made a necessity in public washrooms of Melbourne right beside the bins. Odour neutralisers can also be an addition to ensure that no foul odour will spread anywhere.

It might be unclear for one to find the right place to purchase sanitary bins in Melbourne. But here, there is a solution. Companies aim to provide their customers with high quality and service of feminine hygiene and washroom friendly products. It is a one-stop destination, and hygiene and safety is their at-most priority.

Sanitary bins are not only supposed to be in-home washrooms, but they should also be in public washrooms. Every washroom, be it a medical facility or a restaurant facility, a sanitary bin is a must. For tourist attractions, the more the hygiene, the more will be the tourist.

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