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How to Set Posts for Driveway Gate Installation?

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Are you looking for the instructions to set posts for your driveway gate installation? If yes, you are at the right place. Whether you are replacing driveway gate posts, fence posts, or side gate posts, this guide provides the same technique to do the job.

Just remember, the gate posts supporting a driveway gate should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the gate, regardless of the gating material. So to give them enough strength, gate posts are usually longer than line posts with a larger diameter. The length of the gateway post showing above the ground can be similar to the length of other posts in the fence. But make sure it is deeper in the ground to provide more stability. Try setting the posts in concrete. It will help them support your gate’s weight and remain sturdy as you use the gate.

That said, let’s start setting posts for your driveway gate installation in 7 steps. Shall we?

Step 1

The first step is to mark the location where you want your gateposts. Do so with a stick based on the width of your gate. Your gate may need space on the hinge when it operates. So you should take this into consideration. Also, make sure the holes (for the gateposts) align with the rest of the fence.

Step 2

Then, dig holes of 12-inch diameter in rocky soil and 18-inch diameter holes in sandy or loose soil. You can do so with posthole diggers or rent a power auger for it. Remember, use a shovel to make the bottom of the hole wider than the top. This way, the concrete won’t hold the post from working out of the ground. As a rule of thumb, make sure the post holes’ depth is 1/3rd of the gateposts’ length.

Step 3

Once you are done digging holes, place a pair of stakes around 12 inches outside the gate. Tie a string on the stakes and pull to tighten it. After that, you should attach a line level to that string to set it at the height where you want your gate’s bottom to be. You can use the level to keep the string at the same height across the gate opening. With the help of stake markers and string, you can adjust the height of the posts as you set them.

Step 4

The next step is to prepare the concrete to support your gatepost’s weight. It should be thick enough to support the weight while being fluid enough to work.

Step 5

Once you prepare the concrete, now it is time to pour it to the bottom of the hold. You can use a carpenter’s level to ensure your post is straight or plump in the hole. Add 4-6 inches of concrete to the hole. Or it should be enough to hold a post steady.

Step 6

Repeat the same procedure for the second gatepost. It’s advisable to work with a partner so you can measure the distance these posts are apart at both the bottom and the top. Adjust and re-measure if the distance isn’t equal. Remember, you have to do that before the concrete begins setting.

Step 7

You’re almost there! Fill the holes with concrete and let it sit for at least 24 hours. After that, you can fill the remaining space between the ground level and the concrete with soil or dirt. Then tamp it in place over the concrete by using a hand tamper.
If you are stuck somewhere in these steps, you can take help from garage door repair experts in Tomball, TX. Feel free to contact us!

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