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7 Lock Mechanisms for Large Outdoor Storage Boxes

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Now that you got a large outdoor storage box for your extra belongings, it is time to decide how you will protect it. Mainly, there are two categories lock mechanisms fall into, i.e. a padlock and combination lock. The rest of the options available lies between the two.

Let’s go over the types that you can find to help you make an informed decision:

Combination Locks

The lock has a set of numbers you have to add in the correct order to open the outside storage box. Further, these locks can be divided into two options: multi-dial and single-dial locks. To know the details of these types, check out the below two sections:

Single-Dial Locks

There is only one combination to enter into the rotation dial to unlock the container. On this system, you usually have to dial the correct sequence. If the password is right, you’ll hear a click. It will indicate you can now open the door and take out the things you want.

Multi-Dial Locks

The system has more than one rotating disc, and notches cut into them. To open up this outdoor storage box with a lock, the person has to align the notches. However, this type is less safe than a single dial lock as the chances of guessing are easy. We would recommend this type for a bicycle or luggage safety more than for a storage container.


For this locking system, you’ll need a key to lock and unlock the container’s door. However, you need to know that the cheaper product you’ll buy, the lower the quality materials it will have. Buying them makes it easy for someone to cut through them. The better quality ones have a double-lock mechanism that can ensure everything will be safe. This is an ideal choice for outdoor waterproof storage boxes.

General-Purpose Locks

These locks are usually constructed with brass or stainless steel. It provides more robust security than other types of padlocks. So, if you want something that will offer high protection and guard against any breaches, it will be your best choice.

Handy Locks

If security isn’t your big concern, then this might be the lock for you. It is the least expensive compared to all the padlocks, as they are made using softer metals. However, io-Storage, a supplier of containers, do not recommend these. They are easy to break into and cannot provide safety for your belongings. You’ll usually find these in the gyms or on bicycles.

High-Security Padlocks

This is the most secure lock you can find. A more rigid shell of brass or stainless steel is used in constructing these padlocks. Furthermore, in comparison to other types, it has more pins used in it. Hence, providing the most security for your belongings.

These are some of the lock options available for your large outdoor storage boxes. You can buy different qualities, but we recommend investing in the best if you want to keep your goods safe. All the locks have their pros and cons, but make sure the one you get is suitable for your requirements.

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