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Why do you need an aesthetic hand sanitiser dispenser in your lobby?

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Ambience plays an essential role in determining a customer’s intent to stay at and revisit a hospitality establishment. It plays on her audio-visual, tactile, and olfactory senses to make her feel welcome and special in the setting.

However, the tactile aspect has undergone a paradigm change owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, with hand hygiene taking priority over all else. Every lobby is equipped with a mini hand sanitiser dispenser to ensure customers cleanse their hands before entering the venue and thus reduce the spread of infection.  

However, if not well integrated, vital pieces of hygiene equipment can turn into an eyesore. Thus, they can potentially diminish the effect of the rest of the carefully designed lobby and detract the customer from feeling fully engaged with the establishment.

In response to the acknowledgement that sanitisation protocols are here to stay, designers worldwide are improving the form of these functional tools to make them more pleasing to the senses. Read on to find out how sanitiser dispenser units turn into brand ambassadors for their owners.

  1. Focal Point: Hand hygiene equipment such as a mini hand sanitiser dispenseris the first point of (no) contact that the customer has with the institution. Studies show that it takes 7 seconds for a person to form a first impression and 20 seconds to cleanse her hands. So, although she may only look at the dispenser for a few seconds, it is enough for her to pass a judgement on the establishment.
  1. Brand Promotion: The logo is a physical manifestation of a brand. If a business chooses to slap on a flimsy logo sticker onto a sanitiser dispenser, it gives the impression that it condones shoddy work. It could tell the customer that the establishment is not detail-oriented and could also be an unclean and unsafe setting for any transaction. Hence, businesses choose equipment that incorporates the logo into its design, giving it a far more professional appearance.
  1. Highlighting Services: Digitisation of the guest cycle has ensured that customers begin to operate their phones from the moment their hands are sanitised. Companies take advantage of this fact by offering vital information and service highlights via interactive QR codes displayed in the hand sanitiser dispenser. The landing page of the QR code can be updated regularly without having to change the code, providing the customers with new details.
  1. Functionality: For all its form and appeal, a sanitiser dispenser still plays the vital role of effectively increasing the hygiene of the lobby. Premium dispensers utilise a touch-less technology and dispense carefully measured amounts of sanitiser about 30,000 times before the battery needs to be changed. Additionally, they are made of powder-coated fabricated steel for easy cleaning and durability.
  1. Hygiene: Apart from the dispenser, the sanitiser also creates an impression on the customer. Premium quality sanitisers are 70% alcohol with glycerine that hydrate the hands. They contain essential oil extracts and leave behind a pleasant fragrance, immediately bringing a smile to the customer’s lips.

Nearly two years into the pandemic, the world has recognised that hand sanitisation in public spaces is a sine qua non of daily life. Sanitiser dispenser units are indispensable to maintaining general hygiene, and customers are compelled to use them. Commercial establishments are thus, utilising the dispensers to promote their services and brand image and create an excellent first impression.

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