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Best Treks to do in Bangalore

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Bangalore is a haven for those who enjoy being outside. You can do so much in and around Bangalore with the nice weather always motivating you. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a drive to local hill stations or a bike ride along the gorgeous motorways outside of Bangalore.

For the Bangalore crowd, trekking has become one of their favorite outdoor activities. There is no shortage of trekking lovers searching for a quiet weekend away from the stressful work with so many local spots for a short trip. Let us take you on a tour of the greatest one-day trekking spots near Bangalore. 

Savandurga Hill

One of the most famous trekking sites around Bangalore is Savandurga Hill. Furthermore, this hill is regarded as one of Asia’s greatest monolith hills. It is part of the Deccan Plateau and rises to 1226 meters above sea level.

On this hill, trekking is highly popular. The Karigudda, as well as Billigudda trails, are the most popular among trekkers. You can also go on a night hike here and see the beautiful sunrise from the summit.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is one of the popular tourist destinations near Bangalore. Nandi Hills is also a renowned mountaineering and hiking destination. Trekking to the peak early in the morning is regarded as a rewarding exercise because it offers a breathtaking perspective of the valley. From the bottom of the slope to the top, there are around 1200 steps. The dawn from the top is really spectacular and something to look forward to more.

Devarayanadurga Hills

Devarayanadurga is a rugged topography hill situated about 70 kilometers from Bangalore, near Tumkur. The rocky hills are encircled by woodland and lush flora, providing a breathtaking perspective of the valley below.

The hilltops, which stand at a height of 1204 metres, are dotted with shrines, the most notable of which are the Yoganarasimha as well as Bhoga Narasimha temples. Many tourists trek from the Bhoganarasimha temple at the base of the mountain to the Yoganarasimha temple at the summit.

Furthermore, this location is a major tourist attraction and one of the greatest one-day hiking locations near Bangalore.


Madhugiri is Asia’s second biggest solid rock hill, standing at 1200 meters. It’s also a famous trekking location, and it’s only 100 kilometers from Bangalore. The fort’s three gates are Antaralada Bagilu, Diddibagilu, as well as Mysore Gate, which are all positioned on the hill’s sides. Furthermore, the Madhugiri hike is moderate to severe in difficulty and takes around 1.5 hours one way.


Makalidurga is a mountain fort located 60 kilometers from Bangalore at a height of 1350 meters. The Makalidurga Fort is perched atop a massive granite outcropping. Furthermore, with ponds, curving roads, and a train line underneath the hill, the panoramic view is stunning. You might get a sight of a train passing by if you’re lucky. In fact, the climb to the peak is relatively strenuous yet rewarding, making it one of the finest one-day hiking locations near Bangalore.


Shivaramagiri, Yeti Rajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revana Siddeshwara hill, Jala Siddeshwara hill, as well as Sidilakallu hill are the seven gorgeous hills that encircle the Ramanagara district. Ramagiri hill, in which the renowned film Sholay was shot, is another prominent peak in Ramanagara. Ramanagara’s most famous trekking locations are the Revana Siddeshwara Betta as well as the Ramadevara Hills. In particular, Ramanagara offers a variety of mountain climbing options.

Channarayana Durga

The hill fort of Channarayana Durga is roughly 100 kilometers from Bangalore. Channarayana Durga, at 1138 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking vista from the summit. Furthermore, there are a few shrines as well as old buildings to visit at the fort at the peak. The Channarayana Durga walk is a moderately difficult hike that takes approximately half a day to complete, including exploring the fort at the summit.


Skandagiri is a historic mountain castle near Bangalore that is perfect for night treks, picnicking, as well as bird viewing. The trip begins at the foot of the mountain, at the Papagni Temple. Skandagiri is well known for night hiking and is best ascended very early the next morning for a spectacular sunrise vista.

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Anthargange, a prominent tourist attraction near Bangalore with spiritual connotations, is a major tourist attraction. The Anthargange caves, as well as temples, are well-known in this area. In addition, the caves offer a fantastic chance for trekkers. The caves are also around an hour’s walk from the Anthargange temple, which is nestled in dense foliage towards the hill’s base. Several guests make the hike up a hill to sleep for the night.

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