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Rupin Pass Trek. What You Can Expect at this Beautiful Trekking Journey.

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Rupin Pass Trek: Overview

Rupin Pass trek, India, is located over a remote village named Dhaula in Uttarakhand but the trek ends at a different point at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. During this trekking journey, you will get to see unique sights at every turn, making your journey even more thrilling and insightful. It’s a classic trek in India where you will go through lots of surprises to unfold.

And these surprises start right when you begin to trek. After 20 minutes of the trail, you will get to see the Rupin river and a lot more adventurous sites afterwards. The trail takes you to the utmost glacial meadows, snowy bridges and numerous waterfalls.

Not only this when you see the waterfalls it feels like they are falling from the cloud so it’s the best trek you can look out for.

Rupin Pass trek is usually a 9 days long trek that covers 10 km of distance every day so you need to prepare well for the Rupin pass trek, India. Ideally, it is said to have a moderate difficulty level as the steeps are way too high and tricky. It requires great strength to climb Rati pheri from the upper waterfall and the steep ascent which comes on your path. So this trek is for ones who are experienced and requires unravelling challenges in their life.

What you see on the Rupin Pass trek:

Lower waterfall campsites are what the Himalayas offer to you. It is enriched in a U-shaped glacial valley wherein the bottom lies the bed of green meadows. You can spend two days at a campsite and have the luxury to surround yourself with mountain ranges.

The most adventurous trek crossing where the Rupin gully is cut out in half and there you get to see the most breathtaking sites. And when you climb the voice of your footsteps echo and produce a thrilling joy which will make you remember in your life.

And what more the Kinnaur grasslands as you see the magnificent meadows over Sangla Kanda will make you amazed although more.


Day 01- To reach Dhaula from Dehradun which will take 10-11 hrs of travelling.

Day 02- Reaching Dhaula to Sewa (7 hrs)

Day 03- Sewa to Jiskun (6 hrs)

Day 04- Jiskun to Udaknal (5 hrs)

Day 05- Udaknal to Dhanderas thatch (5 hrs)

Day 06- Acclimatization day

Day 07- Dhanderas thatch to upper waterfall camp (2-3 hrs)

Day 08- Upper waterfall camp to Rupin pass to Ronti glad (10-11 hrs)

Day 09- Ronti gad to Sangla via Sangla Kanda (6 hrs)

Best time to visit:

Since the Rupin pass trek climbs beyond 15,000 feet it is open for a few months in a year. Summer and Autumn are the seasons you can go for trekking. During summer you can go from a time period of May to June where you will experience snow bridges and endless snowfields. It is warm during the day at lower campsites while it becomes chilly at night. During Autumn you can go between September or October. In Autumn, you will not find snow but the green meadows that turn golden in October. You get to see rugged landscapes and the weather is stable.

Safety measures to consider:

While trekking to Rupin pass you will find various challenges as it is above 15,000 feet which makes it dangerous to climb over. But when you take some safety precautions you can have some ease while trekking. So here are some safety protocols that you need to follow- you need to be mentally and physically prepared before going on to the Rupin pass trek. Since the weather is unstable, your trekking journey may bring disasters like excessive rainfall or heavy snow. So weather conditions are relatively stable in autumn so you can visit that time. There can be a risk of developing AMS as you climb above 15,000 feet so turn around towards the lower campsite or Dhanteras thatch if you develop sickness. And if you feel unwell at the top of the peak and there is no option to turn back, start taking measures to treat yourself and keep yourself hydrated.

Gather some information on how to treat yourself when facing altitude sickness to not face any problem while trekking.

So get yourself completely ready before going on to this mystic trek and experience the joy of life.

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