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Get To Know Some Of The CRM Strategies That Really Works

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By collaborating with management and utilizing the strength of your dealership’s DMS software (ADP, Reynolds, Quorum, DIS, and Crete), we create and deliver successful CRM strategies without increasing costs – no additional software requirements and no additional personnel are required (unless warranted by increased business demands). In the event of inevitable management and staffing changes, continuity of these CRM strategies is ensured.

Professional Services Marketing

Direct Mail – One of the biggest advantages of direct mail is its ability to make personal, one-to-one contact, with your customers. Wellington Consulting Inc. will help target your mailings as well as help design all of your direct mail CRM initiatives to ensure highly successful, profitable results.

Through direct and on-going collaboration with dealer management, we will select the appropriate customers from your DMS, design and print the direct-mail marketing piece with your branded materials, and take care of all the mailing complexities, including data filtering and customer address accuracy.

EmailMarketing – Email marketing has evolved to become an effective marketing media for car dealers. Its unique ability to obtain instant responses from customers makes this method of marketing a vital component to all CRM initiatives.

To ensure the success of every email marketing campaign, Wellington Consulting Inc. has partnered with a highly respected email marketing company. This partnership has helped obtain the highest email open-rates possible with the added benefit of providing important statistics, such as indicating which customers opened the email for further follow-up.

Call Centers – In-house call centers are the key to the success of any CRM strategy. Like the dentist office, they are indispensable in getting your customers through the door. Wellington Consulting Inc. will collaborate with your managers and front-line staff to ensure your call center works as efficiently as possible by removing all the time-consuming constraints to allow maximum, profitable results.

We strongly believe in the saying “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Through trends analysis, we’ll measure the results of every CRM campaign so that management can determine its success for future CRM initiatives.

Here are the some of the best CRM strategies –

Service Customer Retention: The dentist office strategy is used to notify the customer of their next maintenance visit. A tentative appointment date is created and communicated to the customer (modeling the dentist office approach) by direct-mail, email, and telephone. This marketing strategy has proven to be very successful in increasing service business.

Odometer & Time-Sensitive Promotions: Taking advantage of manufacturer service requirements at predetermined time/mileage intervals has proven to be an excellent way to increase service business. Examples would be timing-belt replacements, brake services, wheel alignments, and fluid changes.

Vehicle Sale Events: Sale events are planned throughout the year with the goal to invite existing customers in to sell them a new or used vehicle. Customers are selected from the DMS based on their model year, last service visit, and address location in order to maximize results.

Email Specific Marketing Promotions: Throughout the year, email specific marketing strategies are created for customers (with an email address ) to promote accessories, new & used vehicle sales etc.

Extended Warranty Prospecting: Customers are selected from the DMS whose factory warranty is expiring the following month for the purpose of selling them an extended warranty contract.

Every strategy utilized by experts involves the use of distinct services. Implementing these elements correctly is crucial to the success of the overall CRM program. For more interesting article visit Digital Crews.

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