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How to get the Canon IJ Printer Utility on a Mac?

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Utility software is used to evaluate, optimize, manage, and configure your printer in an efficient manner. Canon provides a variety of utility applications to its customers, including Canon IJ Printer Utility. This post is entirely focused on this useful software. You must read this entire post if you want to know what functions you can conduct with this software or if you want to learn how to launch it.

Know more about the Canon IJ Printer Utility’s features and capabilities

Canon IJ Printer Utility is a remarkable piece of software that allows you to perform a variety of duties in order to maintain your Canon printer running smoothly .Ij.start.cannon is the official website of Canon wherein you can easily get all the knowledge and information about the Canon Printer Drivers and download to begin. 

You can use the Utility program to perform all of the printer’s maintenance tasks. You may also obtain data about your ink level, run print tests, adjust ink cartridge settings, and more.

To make the software do its foremost work You should be aware of all the actions that this Canon printer software may accomplish. See the list below for brief information about this software.

  • Printer Cleaning – With all the dust and damaging particles around you it’s tough to keep your printer with internal cleaning all tidy. This utility software provides you the option to clean the print head of your device. It is recommended to perform this function when you are experiencing a faint print. You can also conduct a system cleaning if your 

            print head issue does not get resolved even after the deep cleaning. 

  • Conducting Print Test – ij.start.cannon suggests users conduct a print test to make themselves aware of the print head condition. When you get the print, you can look if your printer’s ink or any specific color fainted or not. If the print faints, you should perform the cleaning right there.
  • Switch the Power Setting –You can turn on or off your printer right from the application. Also, you can change the printer power settings to reduce power consumption. The Auto power feature will automatically turn your printer on when you send a command and turn it off when it remains idle.
  • Link level Information – You can get the estimated usage of your ink cartridge to better understand your printer. Using this, you can increase the life of your printer by never sending the command when the ink is low.

Methods to begin Canon IJ Printer Utility

Overall, canon ij printer utility Software makes progress with the Canon MP Printer Drivers and by installing the printer driver it gets automatically installed with it. Still, it can be searched with your model number. 

After you’ve downloaded the program, you’ll need to run it on your computer to manage your printer. However, only a few printer models are compatible with this utility program. If your printer does not support Canon IJ Printer Utility, you can still utilize the user interface to keep your printer running smoothly. 

Utility for Mac Operating System

 Underneath are the points to launch the IJ Printer Utility on your Mac

  1. There will be a control panel on your canon printer with the power button, you should press and hold on to turn it ON.
  1. You must now go to the Apple menu on your computer. When you click the “Apple” shaped icon in the top-left corner of the screen, the menu will appear.
  1. After clicking the icon, select “System  Preferences” from the list that will appear on the page.
  1. Depending on the version you are using, you will get options on your screen
  • Print and Scan
  • Print and Scanners
  • Print and Fax
  1. Following you’ve launched the utility software, you’ll need to choose your Canon printer. After that, choose “Open Print Queue” and then “Utility” from the toolbar.
  1. The Utility window will now appear on your screen. The first thing you’ll see in the window is the printer’s name. Select it, then select the “Maintenance” tab. The lower-right corner of the dialogue box is where you’ll find this tab.
  1. The IJ Printer Utility will now be launched on your device. All of the amazing features will now be visible. You can select any of the functions you want to run and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.


To get the most out of your Mac’s printer, read the article thoroughly and follow the steps to gain a better grasp of the feature and how to launch it with ease. Make thrive of the advantages Canon has presented you with, and make the best use of most of its services. It’s presented in such a way that anyone can perform it at home without assistance.

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